The golden wind is cool, the cinnamon is fragrant, and the double Ninth day is repeated year after year。In order to further promote the traditional virtues of respecting, loving and helping the elderly of the Chinese nation, on October 23, the Youth League Committee of the school organized "Machine Star" volunteers to perform volunteer service activities in Qingdao Kangfu Hospital

With a lot of patience and love, volunteers sent holiday gifts to the old people。During the activity, the volunteers chatted with the old people, asked them about their physical health, learned about their daily life, and made the old people feel the care and warmth from the children, the school and the society!

 "Care for the old, and people's old", respect for the old is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, but also the common responsibility of society。In the next step, the school will continue to carry out various forms of voluntary service activities, so that more students can participate in them, and use practical actions to care for the elderly around them, enhance their sense of social responsibility, and set up a civilized benchmark of loving and respecting the elderly。