A minute of hard work, a minute of harvest, stick to a star because of the efforts of youth light because pay the future can be expected month test results winning class collective

Chinese winning class:

Nursing Class 2, Nursing Class 1, Medical Technology Class 1

Mathematics winning class:

Medical Technology Class 1, Medical Technology Class 2, Nursing Class 2

English winning Class:

Nursing Class 2, Nursing Class 3, Preschool Education Class 2

Chinese learning model

Li Haoyu from Mechatronics Class 2, Liu Bowen from Computer class 3, Deng Rongjie from Mechatronics Class 3, Zhang Hongmin from Early Childhood Education Class 2, Zhang Shanshan from Nursing integration Class 1, Xu Xin from Nursing integration Class 1, Wang Runze from Computer class 2, and Lv Lijing from Mechatronics Class 2

Mathematical pacesetter

Wang Runze from Computer Class 2, Sun Jiahao from Medical Technology Class 1, Li Jian from Mechatronics Class 4, Wang Yinuo from Computer class 3, Wang Xiaorong from E-commerce Nursing class, Li Zhanfei from Early Childhood Education Class 1, Zhang Junyi from Medical Technology Class 2, Wang Yuyan from Medical Technology Class 1, GUI Kecheng from Computer class 1, Zhou Shuo from Early Childhood Education Class 2, and Computer Class 2Student Song Longyu

English learning model

Zhang Xinyu from Medical Technology 1 Class, Chu Xiaohan from Medical Technology 2 Class, Cheng Huixin from Nursing 2 class, Liu Meilin from Nursing 2 class, Ding Yanqiu from Nursing 2 class, Zhang Xue from Nursing 4 class, Xu Qi from Medical Technology 2 class, Liu Yuxin from Computer 1 class

Professional learning model

Nursing study model:

Liu Meilin from Class 2, Sun Wentong from Class 2, Shao Yazhen from Class 1, Chen Hao from Class 2

Study model for Medical Technology:

Meng Xiangru from Class 3 Medical Technology, Zhang Meiyue from Class 3 Medical Technology, Zhu Jiayi from Class 2 Medical Technology

Civil engineering study model:

Yue Yiqing from computer civil construction class, Li Xiuxin from computer civil construction class, Xu Zhengsheng from computer civil construction class

Learning model for early Childhood Education:

Liu Xuan from Preschool Education Class 2, Han Meimei from Preschool Education Class 1, Li Zhanfei from Preschool Education Class 1

Mechatronics major learning model:

Mechatronics Class 3 Zhao Peiqi, Mechatronics Class 4 Li Jian, Mechatronics Class 3 Deng Rongjie

E-commerce professional learning model:

Cao Bingjie from E-commerce class, Zhang Xueyuan from e-commerce class and Zhao Ziying from e-commerce class

Computer professional pacesetter:

Liang Baohang from Computer Engineering Class, Song Longyu from Computer 2 Class, Xu Ruiyu from Computer 2 Class

Art aviation class learning model:

Chinese pacesetter Pan Zichen, math pacesetter Zhang Wei, English pacesetter Zhou Ruotong, comprehensive pacesetter Pan Zichen, fine arts pacesetter Pan Zichen, aviation pacesetter Wang Yifan

Heaven rewards the diligent, the power of the plow does not deceive。Since the beginning of this semester, the students of Senior One are constantly vigilant and chasing their ideals in the ocean of knowledge。

 Live up to your youth and fight day and night, sail hard and set out again!High school is a long march, which requires wisdom, courage and perseverance。I hope that mechanical students in the future study of victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged, take every exam seriously, constantly sum up experience, check the gaps, toward the dream, direction and goal to work hard, in the next study to achieve better results!