School profile

School Profile

    Qingdao Machinery Technical School was founded in 1958 by the former Qingdao Machinery Industry Bureau,A full-time secondary professional technical school integrating vocational and technical education, vocational skills training, national vocational skills appraisal and academic education,It is a key public school in Qingdao,Focus on training high-quality composite senior professional and technical personnel。

    In 2021 and 2022, the college participated in the vocational education college entrance examination for two consecutive years, and the undergraduate enrollment rate reached more than 90%,Successively won the provincial champion 1,Five of the top 10 in the province,26 of the top 50 in the province,55 of the top 100 in the province,In 2022, 100% of the majors of International business and computer science will be promoted to undergraduate students,Qingdao authoritative media - Youth Daily education online special interview report as a "group" on the undergraduate!